Welcome to Scout Troop 435

Marietta, GA

Come visit us on one of our Monday night troop meetings, from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at East Cobb United Methodist Church.  Prospective scouts can join in the camaraderie of the scouting activities while parents chat with Troop 435 parents.  If you would interested in joining the troop and you would like to attend a meeting, please email us at troop435@troop435.org to learn more.

Upcoming Events

We go on an outing every month.  Here are our planned events for the next few months.

2024 Summer Camp at Rainey Mountain

Flag Ceremony

Area A Campfire

Treats with Troop 92

Making Ice Cream

Lunch at the Dining Hall

Dinner at La Cabana

Metalwork is riveting

Filing for Metalwork

Art Merit Badge

First Aid


First Aid

Basket Weaving


Emergency Preparedness

At the lake


Camp and Cook - Volunteer Cleanup

McFarland Park Camping Trip

Escape Room

Cathedral Caverns

2023 Summer Camp at Rainey Mountain

Cook Off

Hiking 5 miles at Kennesaw Mountain

Weekly Meeting Highlights

In Honor of Bill Deakins

Bill Deakins has helped Troop 435 for 40 years.

2023 Allatoona Aquatics Base Cleanup

The troop gathered and burned drift wood to make the beach area safer.  They tied Christmas trees to other trees to create fish habitats.

2022 Summer Camp at Ho Non Wah, South Carolina

The troop trekked to South Carolina for summer camp this year at Ho Non Wah.  The fun and heat index are high.

Getting ready for dinner

Cubing at the Camp Fire

Ready for camp fire activities

Learning on the first day

Learning to cook on the trail

Geology rocks!

Excited about oceanography

When are we going fishing?

Kayaking and lots of water activities.

The woodsman

Stamping leather

2019 Summer Camp at Rainey Mountain

Scouts had a great time at Camp Rainey Mountain summer camp.  A few scouts enjoyed the cooking MB class, except when the counselors ate all of the food.   Our first year scouts were all together at fire safety, which was a little on the boring side, until they started brainstorming all the things that could catch on fire at different holidays...sounds like some families will have an exciting holidays. 

Caving at Tumbling Rock

In January, a few brave members went on a wild cave tour at Tumbling Rock Caverns in Alabama.   With our excellent guide, David Lawrence, we spent about 8 hours exploring the cave, and probably only covered about a third of it.  We are planning to go back later this year to explore more.

Summer Camp 2018 at Camp Rainey Mountain

Troop 435 had a great time at Camp Rainey Mountain the past two years.  Staff is great!  So much so, the scouts voted to go back in 2019 and a couple are applying to be on staff.