Sign-up for Tree Sale Shifts

We need volunteers to assist the Church with the Tree Sale!

We would like to have at least 2 scouts and 2 adults for each shift if possible.

Sign up for a shift using the form at the bottom of the page. After you have worked your shift, [log your actual time] (in half-hour increments). Time spent is service hours.

Your responsibilities are:

  1. Take care of the customers! Help them pick out or move trees or prepare them for transport.
  2. Place the Tree Pickup tags on the trees that are displayed on the lot
  3. Keep the fire going!


  • Bring warm clothes that can get dirty from handling trees. Layers and gloves are essential!
  • Bring a camp chair.
  • Bring a large drink and maybe some snacks. Snacks to share is always appreciated.

NOTE: Weekday evening shifts are 5-8 (may shut down earlier due to slow traffic or weather conditions).

Your presence alone is greatly appreciated. Don't think that you have to be super strong to help, because there are plenty of things you can help with that don't involve moving trees, including tagging the trees and keeping the fire going! If nothing else, come for the fellowship. You will do a good deed, have some fun, and earn some community service hours by helping the church sell some trees. The more scouts that go each day, the more likely the scouts will enjoy the experience.

All participation is completely voluntary and completely appreciated.

Questions? Call Lee Berman at 404-403-4100 or e-mail him at